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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006V-014 根治的同時放射線化学療法後に切除したN3γ転移陽性肺癌の一例(術前補助療法後の手術,一般ビデオ04,ビデオセッション,世界をリードする呼吸器外科医に!,第23回日本呼吸器外科学会総会)高持, 一矢; 鈴木, 一也; 船井, 和仁; 春藤, 恭昌; 数井, 暉久
28-Apr-2004V-020 Off-pump CABGと左肺上葉切除を胸骨正中切開下に同時に施行した肺腺癌の一切除例(外傷/合併症)(一般ビデオ4)船井, 和仁; 鈴木, 一也; 高持, 一矢; 春藤, 恭昌; 浅野, 寿利; 数井, 暉久
2006V-047 右肺下葉切除後の気管支断端瘻膿胸に対する有茎横隔膜弁による気管支断端の被覆(先天異常・その他,一般ビデオ11,ビデオセッション,世界をリードする呼吸器外科医に!,第23回日本呼吸器外科学会総会)高持, 一矢; 鈴木, 一也; 船井, 和仁; 春藤, 恭昌; 数井, 暉久
2006V-066 ループ状胸骨吊り上げバーを用いた鏡視下拡大胸腺摘出術(前縦隔手術,一般ビデオ14,ビデオセッション,世界をリードする呼吸器外科医に!,第23回日本呼吸器外科学会総会)船井, 和仁; 鈴木, 一也; 高持, 一矢; 数井, 暉久
2008V11-01 ループ状胸骨つり上げバーを用いた胸腔鏡下拡大胸腺摘除術(重症筋無力症,第25回呼吸器外科学会総会)鈴木, 一也; 高持, 一矢; 板谷, 徹; 船井, 和仁; 望月, 孝裕; 矢島, 澄鎮
7-May-1993Vascular Bundles and Wickerworks in Childhood Brain Tumors佐藤, 健吾
Dec-2010Vasodilator Stress Impairs the Left Ventricular Function Obtained With Gated Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography in Patients With Known or Suspected Coronary Artery DiseaseOdagiri, Keiichi; Uehara, Akihiko; Kurata, Chinori
26-Mar-1996Vasopressin Stimulates K+ and Cl-Secretion and Inhibits Na+ Absorption via V1-receptor in Guinea Pig Distal Colonic Epithelium佐藤, 嘉彦
26-Mar-2003Vasopressin with delayed combination of nitroglycerin increases survival rate in asphyxia rat model河野, 伸一
14-Mar-2016VEGF-A promotes IL-17A-producing γδ T cell accumulation in mouse skin and serves as a chemotactic factor for plasmacytoid dendritic cells鈴木, 健晋; Suzuki, Takahiro
19-Oct-2007VEGF-C and VEGF-A synergistically enhance lymph node metastasis of gastric cancer近藤, 賢司; Kondo, Kenji
21-Oct-2011Ventricular tachyarrhythmia-related basal cardiomyopathy in rabbits with vagal stimulation -A novel experimental model for inverted Takotsubo-like cardiomyopathy高遠, 哲也; Tetsuya, Takato
9-Dec-2016Visceral pleural invasion classification in non-small cell lung cancer川瀬, 晃和; Kawase, Akikazu
15-Dec-2017Visual outcomes in Japanese patients with retinitis pigmentosa and Usher syndrome caused by USH2A mutations永瀬, 康規; Nagase, Yasunori
16-May-2008Visualization of hemodynamics in intracranial arteries using time-resolved three-dimensional phase-contrast MRI山下, 修平; Yamashita, Shuhei
10-Jul-2010Visualization of Spatial Distribution of γ-Aminobutyric Acid in Eggplant (Solanum melongena) by Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Imaging Mass SpectrometryGoto-Inoue, Naoko; Setou, Mitsutoshi; Zaima, Nobuhiro
9-Mar-1999Vitamin K prophylaxis to prevent neonatal vitamin K deficient intracranial haemorrhage in Shizuoka prefecture西口, 富三
20-Feb-1998Volumetric bone mineral density using peripheral quantitative computed tomography in Japanese women長谷川, 友亮
22-Dec-2008Voxel-based structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study of patients with early onset schizophreniaYoshihara, Yujiro; Sugihara, Genichi; Matsumoto, Hideo; John, Suckling; Nishimura, Katsuhiko; Toyoda, Takao; Isoda, Haruo; Kenji J, Tsuchiya; Takebayashi, Kiyokazu; Suzuki, Katsuaki; Sakahara, Harumi; Nakamura, Kazuhiko; Mori, Norio; Takei, Nori; 吉原,雄二郎; 竹林, 淳和; 鈴木, 勝昭; 中村, 和彦; 森, 則夫; 武井, 教使
18-Mar-2009Voxel-based structural MRI study of patients with early-onset schizophrenia吉原, 雄二郎; Yoshihara, Yujiro
Showing results 1832 to 1851 of 3205
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