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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Oct-1995Occlusion of the Posterior Humeral Circumflex Artery : Detection with MR Angiography in Healthy Volunteers and in a Patient with Quadrilateral Space Syndrome望月, 隆男
26-Mar-1992Occlusive and Reperfused Myocardial Infarcts :MR Imaging Differentiation with Nonionic Gd-DTPA-BMA増井, 孝之
17-Mar-2014Occupational factors and problem drinking among a Japanese working population長谷川, 拓也; Hasegawa, Takuya
2013Occupational factors and problem drinking among a Japanese working populationHasegawa, Takuya; 長谷川, 拓也
10-Feb-1995Ofloxacin in Human Hair Determined by High Performance Liquid Chromatography宮澤, 典夫
27-Mar-2000Omental wrapping promotes angiogenesis by inducing high levels of vascular endothelial growth factor from the inflammatory phase of wound healing松下, 晃三
31-Mar-2001OmeprazoleおよびRabeprazole単回・反復投与時にCYP2C19のGenotypeが胃内pHに与える影響白井, 直人; 古田, 隆久; 森山, 陽子; 大河内, 秀昭; 小林, カオル; 肖, 芳; 小菅, 和弘; 中川, 和子; 花井, 洋行; 大橋, 京一; 千葉, 寛; 石崎, 高志
31-Mar-1998OmeprazoleとAmoxicillinによるH.pylori除菌療法とCYP2C19の遺伝的多型性との関連について古田, 隆久; 大橋, 京一; 小菅, 和仁; 花井, 洋行; 久保田, 隆廣; 石崎, 高志; 金子, 榮藏
31-Dec-1988Omeprazole第I相試験中島, 光好; 金丸, 光隆; 橋本, 久邦; 滝口, 祥令; 水野, 淳宏; 梶保, 徳昭; 岡, 太一; 松田, 康男
26-Mar-2003On-demand server-side image processing for web-based DICOM image display作佐部, 太也
Oct-2003Ontogeny of plasma cells in the early rat yolk sacEl-Nefiawy Nagwa; Abdel-Hakim Khaled; Kanayama, Naohiro; Suganuma, Nobihiko; Terao, Toshihiko; 金山, 尚裕; 寺尾, 俊彦
2006OP15-3 赤外観察システムを利用した呼吸器外科手術(一般口演15 新しい手術材料,世界をリードする呼吸器外科医に!,第23回日本呼吸器外科学会総会)鈴木, 一也; 高持, 一矢; 船井, 和仁; 数井, 暉久
2006OP21-6 肺全摘後の気管支断端瘻の発生(一般口演21 合併症(1),世界をリードする呼吸器外科医に!,第23回日本呼吸器外科学会総会)鈴木, 一也; 高持, 一矢; 船井, 和仁; 数井, 暉久
19-Nov-2004Optical characteristics of oblique incident rays in pseudophakic eyes青島, 真一; Aoshima, Shin-ichi
15-Mar-2010Optical diagnosis of gastric cancer using near-infrared multichannel Raman spectroscopy with a 1064-nm excitation wavelength川端, 俊貴; Kawabata, Toshiki
18-Jul-2003Oral care reduces pneumonia in older patients in nursing homes米山, 武義
21-Oct-2005Oral clonidine advances advances spermatogenesis in oligozoospermic patients with spermatogenetic maturation arrest寺田, 央巳; Terada, Hiroshi
17-Feb-1989Origins of the Short Latency Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in Cat-with Special Reference to the Sensory Relay Nuclei龍, 浩志
26-Mar-2002Orthotopic implantation of a colon cancer xenograft induces high expression of cyclooxygenase-2小路, 毅
22-Mar-1996Osteomalacia in Elderly Patients with Hip Fractures清水, 聡志
Showing results 1240 to 1259 of 3205
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