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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Oct-1992C-48 肺癌組織における線溶系因子の検討永山, 雅晴; 佐藤, 篤彦; 早川, 啓史
31-Mar-1995c-Ki-ras Mutations Demonstrated for Subregions within Laterally Spreading Colorectal Tumors : Multiple Sampling Study早柏, 琢哉
1-Nov-1989CA 125, SLXおよびCA 72-4による卵巣癌患者の判別小林, 浩; 川島, 吉良; Hiroshi, Kobayashi; Kawashima, Yoshiro
1-Sep-1993CA125分子のheterogeneity : CA125分子はSialyl Tn, CA19-9と複合体を形成する小林, 浩; 大井, 豪一; 篠原, 弘光; 寺尾, 俊彦
1992Ca2+ TRANSIENTS AND CELL SHORTENING IN DIABETIC RAT VENTRICULAR MYOCYTESNoda, Naohisa; Hayashi, Hideharu; Satoh, Hiroshi; Terada, hajime; Hirano, Masahiko; Kobayashi, Akira; Yamazaki, Noboru
1994Ca2+ Waves and Intracellular Ca2+ Concentration in Guinea Pig and Rat MyocytesHayashi, Hideharu; Miyata, Haruo; Terada, Hajime; Satoh, Hiroshi; Katoh, Hideki; Nakamura, Takurou; Kobayashi, Akira
15-Feb-2006Calcaneus bone mineral density in Japanese women with rheumatoid arthritis土井, 俊; Doi, Shun
18-Feb-2000Calcaneus bone mineral density using single X-ray absorptiometry in Japanese women関岡, 雄二
5-Dec-1986Calcified Brain Metastases from Carcinoma of the Gastrointestinal Tract Correlation between Computed Tomography and Histopathology高橋, 元一郎
14-Mar-2007Calcium intake pattern among Japanese women across five stages of health behavior change張, 媛; Zhang, Yuan
10-Apr-2007Calcium Intake Pattern among Japanese Women across Five Stages of Health Behavior ChangeYuan, Zhang; Ojima, Toshiyuki; Murata, Chiyoe
5-Oct-2001Calcium-induced changes in chondroitin sulfate chains of urinary trypsin inhibitor増井, 眞由美
7-Mar-2001Calicheamicin-conjugated humanized anti-CD33 monoclonal anitibody (gemtuzumab zogamicin, CMA-676) shows cytocidal effect on CD33-positive leukemia cell lines, but is inactive on P-glycoprotein-expressing sublines.内藤, 健助
26-Mar-2002CaMKⅡ-dependent reactivation of SR Ca2+ uptake and contractile recovery during intracellular acidosis野村, 紀之
19-Sep-2008Cancer cells overexpress mRNA of urokinase-type plasminogen activator, its receptor and inhibitors in human non-small-cell lung cancer tissue: analysis by Northern blotting and in situ hybridization森田, 純仁; Morita, Sumihito
31-Mar-2002Candesartan投与により低血圧を示したCYP2C9遺伝子変異 (*1/*3) 患者における薬物動態内田, 信也; 渡辺, 裕司; 山崎, 慶介; 林, 秀晴; 大橋, 京一; 橋本, 久邦
15-Apr-1992CAPILLARY GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY OF UNDERIVATIZED BARBITURATES IN HUMAN BLOOD WITH A NITROGEN-PHOSPHORUS DETECTOR AND WITH SPLITLESS INJECTIONHattori, Hideki; Hoshino, Nobutada; Seno, Hiroshi; Suzuki, Osamu; Yamada, Takamichi; 服部, 秀樹; 星野, 伸忠; 妹尾, 洋; 鈴木, 修; 山田, 高路
8-Oct-1999Capillary gas chromatography with cryogenic oven temperature for headspace samples : analysis of chloroform or methylene chloride in whole blood鈴木, 加奈子
27-Mar-1989Carbachol-induced potentiation and inhibition of acid secretion by guinea pig gastric glands梶村, 昌良
5-Mar-2001Carboxen/PDMSファイバーを用いたヘッドスペースSPMEによるヒト体液中シンナー成分の簡易抽出法李, 暁鵬; 熊澤, 武志; 近藤, 圭; 佐藤, 啓造; 鈴木, 修; Lee, Xiao-Pen; Kumazawa, Takeshi; Kondo, Kei; Sato, Keizo; Suzuki, Osamu
Showing results 304 to 323 of 3205
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