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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Sep-2016Overexpression of lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase 1 and concomitant lipid alterations in gastric cancer上原, 隆志; Uehara, Takashi
22-Jul-2016UV damage-induced phosphorylation of HBO1 triggers CRL4DDB2-mediated degradation to regulate cell proliferation松沼, 亮一; Matsunuma, Ryoichi
14-Mar-2016Intracellular renin protects cardiomyocytes from ischemic injury in diabetic heart野中, 大史; Nonaka, Daishi
14-Mar-2016Undernourishment in utero primes hepatic steatosis in adult mice offspring on an obesogenic diet; involvement of endoplasmic reticulum stress加藤, 慧子; Kato, Keiko
14-Mar-2016Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae exploits the interaction between protein-E and vitronectin for the adherence and invasion to bronchial epithelial cells池田, 政輝; Ikeda, Masaki
14-Mar-2016Synergistic proinflammatory responses by IL-17A and Toll-like receptor 3 in human airway epithelial cells森, 和貴; Mori, Kazutaka
14-Mar-2016Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic comparison of sildenafil-bosentan and sildenafil-ambrisentan combination therapies for pulmonary hypertension袴田, 晃央; Hakamata, Akio
14-Mar-2016Effects of hydroxy groups in the A-ring on the anti-proteasome activity of flavone中村, 佳寿美; Nakamura, Kasumi
14-Mar-2016Decrease in sphingomyelin (d18:1/16:0) in stem villi and phosphatidylcholine (16:0/20:4) in terminal villi of human term placentas with pathohistological maternal malperfusion山﨑, 香織; Yamazaki, Kaori
14-Mar-2016Aberrant fetal macrophage/microglial reactions to cytomegalovirus infection鈴木, 万幾子; Suzuki, Makiko
14-Mar-2016VEGF-A promotes IL-17A-producing γδ T cell accumulation in mouse skin and serves as a chemotactic factor for plasmacytoid dendritic cells鈴木, 健晋; Suzuki, Takahiro
14-Mar-2016Foxc2 in pharyngeal arch mesenchyme is important for aortic arch artery remodelling and ventricular septum formationUddin, Mohammad Khaja Mafij
14-Mar-2016Silver–Russell syndrome without body asymmetry in three patients with duplications of maternally derived chromosome 11p15 involving CDKN1C中島, 信一; Nakashima, Shinichi
14-Mar-2016Augmented circadian rhythm of the intrarenal renin-angiotensin system in anti-thymocyte serum nephritis rats磯部, 伸介; Isobe, Shinsuke
14-Mar-2016Twice-daily dosing of esomeprazole effectively inhibits acid secretion in CYP2C19 rapid metabolisers compared with twice-daily omeprazole, rabeprazole or lansoprazole佐原, 秀; Sahara, Shu
14-Mar-2016Role of mitochondrial DNA in septic AKI via Toll-like receptor 9辻, 尚子; Tsuji, Naoko
14-Mar-2016The expression of β3-adrenoceptors and their function in the human prostate鈴木, 孝尚; Suzuki, Takahisa
14-Mar-2016Weather and headache onset: a large-scale study of headache medicine purchases尾関, 佳代子; Ozeki, Kayoko
14-Mar-2016Thromboembolism as the adverse event of combined oral contraceptives in Japan杉浦, 和子; Sugiura, Kazuko
9-Mar-2016DHA-PC and PSD-95 decrease after loss of synaptophysin and before neuronal loss in patients with Alzheimer’s disease由木, 大; Yuki, Dai
Showing results 21 to 40 of 3005
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