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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2016Mutation analysis of FGFR1-3 in 11 Japanese patients with syndromic craniosynostoses大石, 彰; Ohishi, Akira
9-Dec-2016Visceral pleural invasion classification in non-small cell lung cancer川瀬, 晃和; Kawase, Akikazu
18-Nov-2016Relationship between the plasma fentanyl and serum 4β-hydroxycholesterol based on CYP3A5 genotype and gender in patients with cancer pain石田, 卓矢; Ishida, Takuya
18-Nov-2016A novel GABA-mediated corticotropin-releasing hormone secretory mechanism in the median eminence柿沢, 圭亮; Kakizawa, Keisuke
16-Sep-2016BMP5 expression in the adult rat brain草川, 裕也; Kusakawa, Yuya
16-Sep-2016Evaluation of serum bone alkaline phosphatase activity in patients with liver disease: comparison between electrophoresis and chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay詹, 芳潔; Zhan, fangjie
16-Sep-2016BMP signaling-related proteins are differentially expressed in the adult cerebellumKesavamoorthy, Gandhervin
16-Sep-2016Accumulation of arachidonic acid-containing phosphatidylinositol at the outer edge of colorectal cancer平出, 貴乗; Hiraide, Takanori
16-Sep-2016Effects of cilazapril and verapamil on myocardial iodine-125-MIBG accumulation in cardiomyopathic BIO 53.58 hamsters若林, 康; Wakabayashi, Yasushi
16-Sep-2016Combined steroidogenic characters of fetal adrenal and Leydig cells in childhood adrenocortical carcinoma坂口, 公祥; Sakaguchi, Kimiyoshi
16-Sep-2016Dosimetric evaluation of the feasibility of stereotactic body radiotherapy for primary lung cancer with lobe-specific selective elective nodal irradiation小松, 哲也; Komatsu, Tetsuya
16-Sep-2016Hepatic relaxation times from postmortem MR imaging of adult humans塩谷, 清司; Shiotani, Seiji
16-Sep-2016Overexpression of lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase 1 and concomitant lipid alterations in gastric cancer上原, 隆志; Uehara, Takashi
22-Jul-2016UV damage-induced phosphorylation of HBO1 triggers CRL4DDB2-mediated degradation to regulate cell proliferation松沼, 亮一; Matsunuma, Ryoichi
14-Mar-2016Intracellular renin protects cardiomyocytes from ischemic injury in diabetic heart野中, 大史; Nonaka, Daishi
14-Mar-2016Undernourishment in utero primes hepatic steatosis in adult mice offspring on an obesogenic diet; involvement of endoplasmic reticulum stress加藤, 慧子; Kato, Keiko
14-Mar-2016Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae exploits the interaction between protein-E and vitronectin for the adherence and invasion to bronchial epithelial cells池田, 政輝; Ikeda, Masaki
14-Mar-2016Synergistic proinflammatory responses by IL-17A and Toll-like receptor 3 in human airway epithelial cells森, 和貴; Mori, Kazutaka
14-Mar-2016Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic comparison of sildenafil-bosentan and sildenafil-ambrisentan combination therapies for pulmonary hypertension袴田, 晃央; Hakamata, Akio
14-Mar-2016Effects of hydroxy groups in the A-ring on the anti-proteasome activity of flavone中村, 佳寿美; Nakamura, Kasumi
Showing results 1 to 20 of 2996
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